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Детайли за торента "The.Sims.4-RELOADED"
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  • Платформа : PC

  • Производител : Maxis

  • Сайт на производителя : MAXIS  In Web  

  • Език: Английски

  • Жанр: Стратегия

  • Снимки от играта: Game Screenshot

  • Минимални изисквания:

    Operating system: Windows XP (SP3) / Vista (SP2) / 7 (SP1) /8/8.1

    Processor: Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz / Athlon 64 Dual Core 4000+ 2 GHz

    Memory: 2 GB

    Video: 128 MB, Shader 3.0, GeForce 6600 / Radeon X1300, DirectX 9.0

    Sound card: compatible with DirectX 9.0

    Free space on HDD: 10 GB

    1. Запишете на диск или маунтнете с Daemon Tools.

    2. Инсталирайте играта.

    3. Копирайте съдържанието на папка Crack, намираща се на DVD-то, в инсталационната директория на играта.

    4. Играйте!

     Относно релийза:

    This release includes all DLCs from the digital deluxe edition as well as  all available rewards for owners of The Sims 3 and its expansions.

    List of bonus & reward content:

    • The Sims 4 Up All Night Digital Content - Features the Laser Light Show, fun decorations, and outrageous party costumes.

    • The Sims 4 Life of the Party Digital Content - Features the Flaming Tiki Bar and sleek, stylized outfits for your Sims.

    • The Sims 4 Awesome Animal Hats Digital Content - Features a collection of fun animal hats for your Sims to wear and show off!

    • The Sims 4 Digital Soundtrack - A digital soundtrack featuring music from the game.

    •  Let There Be Plumbobs Award (The Sims 3)

    • Never Ending Reward (World Adventures)

    • Shine On Reward (Ambitions)

    • UV Light Reward (Late Night)

    • Beacon Of Ages Reward (Generations)

    • Paws Anonymous Reward (Pets)

    • Your Name In Lights Reward (Showtime)

    • Enchanted Aurora Reward (Supernatural)

    • Whatever The Weather Reward (Seasons)

    • Alma Mater Reward (University)

    • Truly Tropical Reward (Island Paradise)

    • Time Travelers Reward (Into the Future)

    • The Ultimate Freezer Bunny Award

    Играта The Sims 4 - дългоочакваната игра-симулатор за живота, която ви позволява да го управлявате както никога до сега.Създавайте и контролирайте нови персонажи - техните тела, разум и сърца.Стройте уникални домове.Направлявайте и изучавайте живота на вашите персонажи и получете назабравими и удивителни впечатления.

    · New characters - Create and control of new characters - their bodies, their minds and hearts

    · Mind - Characters move and act more naturally than ever before, ranging from simultaneous sessions with various activities to express their sentiments gait. Choose a character and desire for the character, find out about the dream of his life, exploring his thoughts, social skills, career and memorable moments.

    · The strength of the emotions - the first time the characters, a host of his own emotions. Characters may have up to 15 different emotional states, depending on the other characters, actions, events, memories, or even on your choice of clothing. Gameplay and history of the characters depend on the choices you make, which can lead to even stronger emotions from them.

    · New design tools - Editor character creation mode and building more powerful, more comfortable and more fun than ever. You can create characters with tangible accuracy and build your dream home without any extra effort.

    · Bright environment - Choose a variety of environmental conditions, in that you want to settle their characters, and dynamic graphics enliven their homes.

    · Valuable rewards - Earn new items, clothing, personality traits, completing quests, finding collectibles and gaining new achievements.

    · Share your creations - Achieve fame by publishing portions of his characters. Load creation community to create an entirely new image.


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